My Secret Crack

Balls of Fury.  Seriously, I can watch that stupid movie over and over.  It’s funny in a very burp and scratch kind of way.  It’s crude.

I don’t watch it for that.

I watch it for the Walken.  Christopher Walken.  He is my favorite comedic actor.  Just looking at him in the ridiculous costumes makes me giggle, but he carries it off seamlessly.  Like in this clip:

I watch it and just laugh.  The man is comic gold.  He was the only reason I watched the new Hairspray.  That scene where he makes a bed out of whoopie cushions slays me.  Travolta in drag?  Unwatchable.  No one puts Divine in a corner.  But Christopher Walken? LMAO!

Now I want to have his funny babies.

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3 Responses to My Secret Crack

  1. M says:

    Walken rocks my socks, whatever he does. Darnit, I want to see his Puss-in-Boots again now…

  2. Mary says:

    “Puss in boots” was awesome! Really Fun, even though he can’t sing.

  3. Ted says:

    You need to visit “The Continental” (from old SNL clips).

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