The Secret Life of Joe “Walter Mitty” Biden

It’s an endless and thankless job to track Joe Biden and his secret life of heroic deeds.  His ego is notoriously bigger than the Death Star.  His mouth runs ahead of truth and logic like an frantic eager poodle running after a squirrel, running over the edge of reason.  Biden channels Pecos Bill, certainly riding tornadoes and lassoing Republicans with rattlesnakes during the dark watches.  Crazy ole Uncle Joe.

Now, Joe would have us remove our children from school, stay home, hunker down and quarantine ourselves because the swine flu threatens.  Not that that is a bad idea, but certainly at this point, it’s a bit premature.

Biden has always reminded me of Walter Mitty, a man who spends all his time somewhere in the æther, thinking things, imagining he’s the hero, the doctor with the sprinkling can…all his machines going sprocketa sprocketa sprocketa….

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One Response to The Secret Life of Joe “Walter Mitty” Biden

  1. Nancy says:

    My seventh grade play! You’re bringing back bad memories because I couldn’t pronounce the word “tertiary,” and Stephanie kept rolling her eyes at me!!!

    The horror!

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