The Abomination of Union Station

The abomination above is a painting by Michael D’Antuono which will be unveiled in Union Station New York on Obama’s 100th day in office.

I notice that there is no mention of DVD’s, his ability to speak Austrian or any of the other flubs, missteps or gaffs.  Just the crown of thorns because he’s like the messiah or something.  Did I miss when he raised the dead, changed water into wine or just walked on it?  Have I missed his miracles? Because I still owe my car payment and other bills.  Did he crap out gold?

For the love of all that is holy, PEOPLE!  GET A GRIP!!!!!!!

I am also rather put out by the idiots who are hanging this abomination.  Why isn’t he also painted like Buddah, or Krishna, maybe Mohammed?  Un-fraking-believable.

As my friend Dana says, I think Jesus wants his place back.

Hat Tip to Dana.

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4 Responses to The Abomination of Union Station

  1. Phelps says:

    If a Republican had painted that, it would be a hate crime.

    I loved the Scrappleface line: He’s done so well in his first 100 days, that almost a majority would like to see him back for 100 more.

  2. Brandi says:

    While he wasn’t the guy I voted for and I have my issues with him, somehow I doubt that he is happy about this.

  3. Mary says:

    Banging. Head. Against. Wall.

    What is in the water these days?!?!?! I think I’m going to have to check-out emotionally for the next four years…

  4. jinzy says:

    I have heard that they are not going to display it . Too much public out cry. Right….

    Interesting enough he has had more positive coverage by the media than both Clinton and Bush during the same time period.

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