Enthusiastically Springy


My galanthus, in late February.


The bed outside my backroom window.  I love this bed, it’s lovely.


My so cute miniature daffodils.  They are teeny tiny and too cute to be tolerated.  Extra adorable.  About the onlyiest thing I indulge in insufferable cuteness are my nieces and nephews and plants.


My ranunculus ranunculating.  Lovely, no?spring-2008-005

The dandelions are doing smashingly.  All over the yard.  In all my beds.  Everywhere.  They are delightfully yellow.  I actually enjoy them so much.


And now, on to the rest of my yard.



I found lemon verbena, heliotrope, foxglove, delphiniums, yarrow and a couple of other happy things at the garden store today.  I’ll take pictures when they bloom and get happy.

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  1. Dana says:

    Oh Vivian Louise, what a gorgeous garden you have in bloom! I’m inspired!

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