Lovely Weird Surprises

Hopefully everyone has seen the Susan Boyle thing.  A dumpy, plain little bundle of weird walks out on the Britain’s Got Talent stage.  Simon Cowell and the other judges are waiting with low expectations and a huge helping of cynical.  And honestly, can you blame them?  These talent shows are more often a place to display misplaced hubris and a deplorable lack of talent.  And usually, it’s funny.  I’ll admit I only watch the audition bits of American Idol.  I enjoy watching the insanely proud talentless come to be judged and then I laugh when their dreams are shattered.  Seeing someone with talent come in a give a good performance is okay too.  Watching those people who are peculiarly mislead about their singing talent crash and burn and not even realize they stank is hilarious.  It’s also a reminder to only listen to those people who will actually tell you the truth.  It helps if they can also discern between good and bad, but that is another story.

Usually, though, it’s this:

When I watched the Susan Boyle bit, I’d already been tipped off that it was extraordinary.  After watching, I agreed.  She really does come out on stage with this clinging aura of weirdness and a touch of sadness.  She isn’t pretty, she isn’t charming.  She also seems to have these dreams in some alternate universe where she will be a famous singer.  And the audience laughed at her.  So did the judges.

It was like a sweet revenge pudding for her to watch the audience and the judges hear the first notes of her song, sung beautifully and pitch perfect.  She wasn’t vengeful, not at all.  After hearing her sing, all her weirdnesses softened and became a big bouquet of delicious charming odd.

I am not being mean, I adore odd people.  They are far more interesting than regular round pegs for round holes kind of people.  They think differently, act differently and certainly march to their own drummer in a rythym quite different from my own.  In short, I find them delightful.

So, please watch and judge for yourself.  I really got a kick out of watching Simon Cowell.  His contented face towards the end of her song was sweet.  I can not imagine the patience he has had to have sitting through all those hours of wretched talentless torture.  I couldn’t do it.  Here you see him delighting in finding actual talent.  It is clear he doesn’t care about the package, he’s thrilled to have heard a very talented singer.  I like that.

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2 Responses to Lovely Weird Surprises

  1. Dana says:

    There is just something so wrong when the deck is stacked against you because of what the packaging is. Wrong on every level. And yet that’s how we are. For such a sound of beauty to come from Ms. Boyle was breathtakingly wonderful. I think she had no other thought than to make a beautiful noise and I think a lot of the audience had thoughts that were far less noble. Until she opened her mouth, that is.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    I would love more than anything to ditch the cult of perfection and celebrity that has consumed so much of our culture. It’s annoying, since the women, and more and more the men, are all bound to some unrealistic standard of perfection. Miss Boyle is a delightful reminder that the talent pool is wide and deep and holds fabulous surprises if you look in the dark places away from the spotlight. God as my witness, I really hope “they” don’t do too much to her. She’s pretty wonderful just the way she is.

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