Grilled Leg of Lamb

What’s Easter without Lamb?  I’m a traditionalist, lamb is significant to the holiday so I happily make it and eat it.  Also, lamb is tasty.

I grilled the lamb so I needed to find a boneless leg.  Of course I didn’t.  Meet Pixie the Leg of Lamb:


I buy American!

This is what Pixie looks like without her shroud of plastic:


The knife in the picture above was my grandfathers.  He was a cook on ships in the early part of the last century and after that for the Ferrers.  I love this knife, it’s got a carbon steel blade, so it isn’t always pretty, but I love the way it cuts.


In order to grill this leg of lamb it’s got to have a relatively even thickness throughout.   That means it’s got to be butterflied.  YAY!


Now for the bone side:


Look!  It’s got a joint!


Now for the rub.

8 cloves of garlic, 3 tblsp black pepper corns, sea salt, 5 allspice berries, 2 tblsp corriander, 1 bunch flat parsley, 3 sprigs rosemary (leaves stripped, twigs thrown away), juice of 2 lemons and olive oil.  Throw it all into a food processor and VIOLA!


8 cloves of garlic seems like a lot, but just remember this will be grilled.

The only pan I have that is big enough to hold this leg is aluminum.  Since the lamb was going to hang out in the reefer marinating for a while, I lined the pan with plastic wrap.

Now it’s time to rub the good stuff in:


And here it is all dressed up and ready to chill while I was at church:


Fast forward a few hours and I’ve heated the grill up to about 400 degrees.  (Take the lamb out of the reefer at least 30 minutes before you plan to start cooking it.  It will do much better if it’s at room temperature before you start to cook it.)


I only turned it once, but I am wise in the ways of grill lore.


I used two tongs to be able to manage the leg.  It was big and heavy, also kinda floppy because it’s meat.  Don’t the bones look lovely all charred like that?  Mmmm.

When it was medium rare, I took it off the grill, set it on another pan and covered it for about 20 minutes to rest.  Really important when you cook meat.  Now, it’s ready for slicing:


I made a bearnaise to go with it, but also served a mixture of chopped shallots, cilantro and parsley in case someone wanted something a little less buttery.  Why they would want that, I don’t even know.  It was really good with both.

Most of the kids ate the lamb.  Not Jujubee.  He wasn’t going near any of it. All he wanted was a spoon of peanut butter.  My sister tried to get him to kiss her before he ate the peanut butter.  He’s not having it.


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