Bored Bored Bored

I have some wonderful things going on in the garden, but I haven’t taken any pictures so I can tell you about the awesomeness that is the pink ranunculus in my back yard, but I’m just telling tales if I can’t back it up.

Saturday I planted a ton of things in my yard, scraped up a ton of weeds and I still have an amazing amount of work to do.  I’m going to attempt to take some pictures soon.

I’d have written more, should blog more, but really, about what?  Should I blog about the way that Obama gaffs overseas and the MSM glosses it over and ignores it?  Cause everyone has already written about that stuff; the mix tape he gave the Queen, speaking just a smidge of Austrian, or even dumping on Americans as he tours Europe.  Pretty much, it’s boring.  It would be even more boring if the MSM had treated Bush the same way, but they never did.  I had a conversation with a sister just the other day about Sarah Palin.  I said I loved her and my sister looked at me like I was crazy.  Then we talked about some of the kookiness that surrounded Mrs Palin.  I said that I would not complain about a thing the MSM had said about her if they had left her kids alone and treated Biden with the same contempt.  She agreed that Biden got a pass while Palin got the crap beat out of her by the Media.  But that’s all past now, boring.  Or would be if I weren’t reminded of the whole Bush Derangement Syndrome being healed by the man who thinks that we have 57 states and that Austrians speak something other than the German spoken for the last, oh, thousand plus years.  Look away, nothing to see here…Move along.

Rupert Everett isn’t boring.  Not at all.  He’s hilarious.  Barking laugh hilarious.  But I can only point you to his hilarity.

Ace of AoS isn’t boring, neither is looking forward to the new Star Trek movie, even if I am hoping against reality that it will be worthy to enter the library of truly awesome Trek movies.  *lets have a moment of silence for Khan*

Nor is Mma Ramotswe boring.  Totally not boring.  I love the books and am very much enjoying the series on HBO.

It certainly isn’t boring that the administration is NOT allowing banks to repay TARP monies.  That’s actually rather terrifying.  Coupled with the take over ove GM, it’s kind of sphincter puckering.  But hey! the new administration is all about hope and change.  I just didn’t think it would be the kind of hope and change where my nephew can turn me in for unworthy thoughts.  At least not this soon.

Mostly, the news is right now is rather boring.  Well, at least the kind of news I’d have anything to say about.  I’d say something about the earthquake in Italy, but what, exactly?  I don’t know enough about geology or even Italy to say anything other than my prayers for those people.

Also, a lack of sleep can lead to silence on a blog.

I did catch up on my reading.   Sort of.  Hopefully I’ll be back to writing this week.

Or not.

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  1. Danau says:

    Gosh, even when you’re bored, you’re interesting. 🙂

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