The AIG Bonus Kerfuffle

Congress and the President are pissy about the bonuses paid to AIG employees after AIG took bail-out money.  They really want us to be pissy too, to get our outrage up.  Am I angry at AIG?


But I am furious at Congress and the President.  Furious.  AIG did what was legal under the law as written by Congress and as signed by the President.  That Porkulus Congress was all a flutter to pass quickly and without reading so the President could take a three day vacation and then sign included a clause inserted by Christopher Dodd that allowed for contracts to be fulfilled.  That’s what AIG did, they fulfilled contracts.

What Congress did, on the other hand, was to indebt our country to the tune of TRILLIONS OF FRICKIN DOLLARS and they didn’t have the decency to READ THE FUCKING THING BEFORE THEY PASSED IT!  It was urgent!  It was necessary to save the world!  They had to do it!  I sent multiple emails to my Senators and my Congressman begging them NOT to pass it and all I got in reply was how awesomely wonderful the Porkulus was going to be.

Go look up who AIG sent money too, who their donor list includes.  Guess who is at the top?  Dodd.  Obama.  And now they are pissy because the company simply did what they are allowed to do by laws written by their paid poodles in the Federal Government.

I say take the bonus money out of Dodd, out of Frank, Pelosi and Reid.  You people wrote the law that allowed it.  YOU did it!  You pay the fine.

Oh, and Chuck Schumer, back up out the grill of Americans.  Back the heck up.  Are you kidding me with threats that you are going to come after people who are behaving lawfully.  AIG broke no laws.  I’ll repeat myself, AIG broke no laws.

And my words to all you civilians – you watch what Congress does here.  This applies to you.  If Congress retroactively declares something illegal and then votes themselves the power to pursue retribution for that now illegal behavior using all the power of the government to prosecute and inflict punitive fines, they  will do it again.  They will do it again and again and again.  They will take away your rights and charge you to do it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s unconstitutional.  Heck, Roe vs Wade is unconstitutional law yet it has stood for more than 30 years.  What makes you think you won’t be next.

That’s the issue here, not that AIG handed out bonuses, no.  The issue is the reckless and unaccountable behavior of Congress that allows no blame for faulty law.

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3 Responses to The AIG Bonus Kerfuffle

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  2. vivianlouise says:

    Just a wee update in the comments: What I saw of the Liddy appearance before Congress made me like him lots. I liked that he pushed back. I liked it a lot. I like that he defended his employees, especially considering that revealing their names could very likely end up in violence against them.

    Also, I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaly despise Barney Frank more and more. He wants the names of those who took the bonuses and he doesn’t not guarantee their confidentiality. Mr. Frank, you are a buttfart. Seriously. How dare you attempt to go after these people when your own house is far from clean. *coughFannieMaecough*

  3. Dana says:

    VL, I was impressed that Liddy had the self-control to stay seated in the face of those lousy hypocrites scapegoating him so they could deflect their own personal responsibility. One of the jokers actually had the temerity to tell Liddy after Liddy stated that he resented the congressman using the accusatory “you” when Liddy hadn’t even headed AIG when the contracts were established, that he meant it to be offensive. What a jerkoff fool. I wish I knew who he was, skinny, bad skin, glasses. And lots of unbridled arrogance. Which seems to be par for the course.

    (geez, what a poorly worded sentence but boiling blood does not produce good writing).

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