Burnt Balls of Happiness

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts!  Did you think I meant something else?

I was never a fan of brussels sprouts when I was a kid.  They were high on my list of just barely edible things.  I’d eat them, it wasn’t worth the spanking I’d get if I didn’t.  Also, they were much better hot than cold two hours later after a spanking and tears with no ice cream in my future unless I choked the little suckers back in small bites while pinching my nose.  All of which was perfectly acceptable if you attempted to get me to eat lima beans.

As an adult I’d just never bothered to revisit my light loathing of the sprout until about two years ago when a friend roasted some along with carrots and green peppers.  I can’t eat peppers so I ate the carrots and sprouts instead.

I could not believe how tasty and good those sprouts were, and I was determined to not let those little cabbagey bits of happy tastyness to exit my life.

I use the convection bake setting on my oven, I set the temp at 350.  Higher and the outside browns too quickly before the inside gets cooked enough to be creamy.  Yes, creamy.  I’m serious.


I start with one bag of frozen Brussels Sprouts.  I’ve used a similar quantity of fresh ones.  Cleaning and trimming isn’t required with the frozen kind.  I like the Giant brand because the Sprouts are all about the same size and so makes the cooking process easier.

Then, pour them onto a nonstick baking pan.  Low sides are essential if you are using the convection setting, the hot moving air is what produces a crispy exterior.  Add a few tablespoons of olive oil, sprinkle sea salt and freshly ground pepper over top of the sprouts, like so:


Then mix them up with your hands, make sure each one is covered in oil with salt and pepper on each, like below.


Pop them in the oven and walk away.  Don’t peek for at least 20 minutes.  Then, stir them about a bit.  Lots of people take theirs out at this point.


See how they are getting brown?  It’s a great start, but not nearly enough for me.  Shut the oven after stirring about and walk away again.

Check back in another 15 minutes, I like to wait for 20.

For me, they are done when they look burnt.  They aren’t, the outsides are deliciously crispy and the insides are creamy.  I swear, it’s true.  They look like this:


Now, eat them and be really happy I told you about them.  My brother-in-law, the Gallo Negro, won’t usually eat vegetation, but he eats the heck out of these.  Even the Mancub, my 8 year old nephew, says they are okay.  Just okay, but he is 8.

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6 Responses to Burnt Balls of Happiness

  1. teeveebee says:

    Can’t wait to try these out, Vivianlouise. I like Brussels Sprouts anyway. Nobody else does in my family. So, if I prepare them like this, perhaps their minds will be changed. If not, and they are as delicious as you say they are, no problem. I’ll just eat them all myself. Well, on second thought, maybe that might be going a little too far.

    But, I will try them.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Oh, I hope you like them like I do.

    The funniest thing about this post is that it caused someone to find my site when they googled “i burnt my brother’s balls”. ROTFLMAO!!!! I don’t want to know. I do, but I really don’t. Only, I really do want to know. Heh.

  3. Mary says:

    Will this recipe only turn out in a convection oven, or will a conventional oven work too?

  4. vivianlouise says:

    Mary, I think they should turn out in a conventional one. I don’t know. Try it and tell me. 😀

  5. Mary says:

    We tried the recipe, and liked it very much! I’m letting them burn more next time…

  6. vivianlouise says:

    Yeah, burning them works. Weird, isn’t it? They taste sooooo much better overcooked.

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