More Snow – It’s Snowier

Look!  The snow is even more snowier just a few hours later!




Earlier the bird feeders were empty.  The birds let me know.  They sat outside the door and gave me a “look”.  I let them.  We’ve been feeding them for 42 years here, so who am I to interupt that?  Check out the squirrel.  He was very funny.  When I went outside to take a picture right after I snapped this one he took off.  The snow is much deeper than he is tall, too deep for him to run through it by jumping.  So he just plowed through, sending up a plume of powder.

When I went outside with the seed, the birds scattered only far enough away to make sure I couldn’t catch them.  They watched me carefully and as soon as I walked away they congregated.  Several were at one feeder while I was filling up the other.  Very cute.

Remember the Daffodil shoots earlier?  Check them out now:


Last one:


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4 Responses to More Snow – It’s Snowier

  1. Same here! I woke up to hardly anything, and now almost everything’s covered in it! Lovely photos. 🙂

  2. Brandi says:


    We had the snow day today, but no snow.

  3. JD says:

    That is some beautiful global warming you have there.

  4. Emmy says:

    Zacmeister is loving your yard and the snow.
    I am loving the pictures of all of it- especially the favorite branch.

    Personally- I am all for the warm part of warming, but you know that!

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