Steny Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall – Update

I just got off the phone from Congressman Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall about the Porkulus Monstrosity.  I appreciate the hour the Congressman devoted to speaking with his constituents.  My question wasn’t asked, which would have been this: Considering that the actions and interventions of both Hoover and FDR worsened, deepened and lengthened the Great Depression, why on earth are we doing the same dang thing?  WHY??????????????????

I also disagree that ALL economists agree that we must rush to do something.  They don’t.  In fact MANY disagree.

Sigh.  But, once again, the Democrats have a grasp on technology.  Of course, since I live in Maryland, I wouldn’t know if a Republican would do a telephone town hall.  I’m not represented by any Republicans.  Or even by any fiscal conservatives.  *

*Note to politicians – RAISING taxes, most especially in a time of recession, LOWERS revenue.  HELLO!!!!  *tap tap tap*  Is this thing on?


Below is the text of the email/letter I sent to Congressman Hoyer:

Dear Congressman Hoyer,

Thank you so much for the Telephone Town Hall.  I really appreciated your outreach to the community.

I didn’t get the chance to ask my question, which would have been this: With 60 years of analysis now available, the evidence says that the interventions of Hoover and FDR during the Great Depression deepened, lengthened and worsened the down turn, why are we making the same mistakes again?

President Obama said that we should stop debating the past and move forward.  That makes no sense when empirical knowledge of the past can inform our steps towards the future.  And the questions of what worked to bring us out of the depression of 1929 – 1943 is exactly what we need to discuss and debate at this time.

I am really quite unhappy with the stimulus bill.  Really. Quite. Unhappy.  Also, I can’t begin to express my extraordinary discontent with the pork in that bill.  I’m outraged that under the guise of a rush to fix the economy tax cuts represent only 35% of the bill.  That money went to Hollywood kinda makes my brain malfunction with unhappiness.  Had this bill been 80% tax cuts I would approve.  Alas, I am not approving.

But, it has passed and been signed.  What I ask is that in the future you would stand against further interventions from the federal level into our economy.  History tells us that it doesn’t work.

Thank you again for this opportunity.  I appreciate the position politicians take by putting themselves out there to serve the public.  I appreciate that the response you get is pretty much complaints and not thanks.  I’m grateful that you want to take on that job.  I just wish you had voted against that awful bill.

Respectfully yours,
Vivian Saavedra

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2 Responses to Steny Hoyer’s Telephone Town Hall – Update

  1. Dana says:

    Don’t you hate having to point out the obvious? Too bad your question wasn’t asked. Short, to the point, and hard to find any wiggle room out of.

    But thank your lucky stars you’re not in Cali. Fiscal conservatism officially died today.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Yeah, Dana. Pretty much the best you can hope for is an asteroid. That just sucks. Your state economy is toast. The crispy burnt kind that crumbles at the slightest touch.

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