Let’s Call This Random Things, ‘Cause Everyone Else Does

Hey, it’s Tuesday, so that means it must be Random Day!

1. I’m in the mood for something but I don’t know what that something is.  It is not food or drink.  I’m longing for something else, something bigger.  Maybe it is the change of seasons.

2. I began the Great Spring Plant/Seed Ordering Marathon yesterday.

3. My daffodils are beginning to show their heads.  Well, really, just the tips of their beings.

4. I have seen neither hide nor hair of my Galanthus, the Mighty Snowdrop, but I’m sure they are just waiting to become happiness for me.

5. Sacrifice is an underused virtue in our culture.  I have read countless articles beseeching the government to please include MY TOTALLY IMPORTANT PET PROJECT in the Porkulus bill now before the inept Senate and Congress.  Schiesse.

6. Sacrifice means doing something for someone else, some greater cause, and in the process of doing that it hurts.

7. Self-preservation and sacrifice are not mutually exclusive concepts.  In fact, I could argue that they are the self same thing.

8. I am more revolted than I can say by the Ashton Kutcher video with all the good little Obamatrons declaring what they will do now that their Hope is in the White House.

9. Smile more?  With your bloody millions, you are only now able to frickin smile more?  That’s it?  You couldn’t manage that before?  How frickin weak, spineless and pitiless are you? Or, maybe, you only smile when you are paid to smile.  Smile whore?  I don’t get it.

10.  The C.S. Lewis phrase “Men without chests” comes to mind.

11.  There was a depression in 1920.  It was short.  We recovered.  Wanna know how?  The government didn’t meddle.

12. In case you are as yet unaware, FDR and his New Deal worsened the 1929 great depression and lengthened it considerably.

13. The Porkulus is a monstrosity that would better serve the US by spontaneously combusting itself now.

14. Tax cuts in all sectors and for all people would stimulate the economy and help the US recover faster than any pork-laden, wrong thinking, debt trebling, gazillion dollar so-called “stimulus” will ever do.

15. The difference between a fiscal conservative and a fiscal liberal is that the conservative doesn’t trust the government or politicians with money.  The liberal doesn’t trust the people with money.

16. I do not trust politicians with money.  Not conservatives, not liberals, not independents.  I do not trust someone to wisely spend other people’s money.  Unless those other people breathe fire down their neck for stupidity.

17. I do not believe I get a good return on my investment when I give the government my money to spend.  As in, I am NOT willing to pay more taxes for more services.

18. I sure as hell am not willing to pay more taxes for these services!

19. I really am going to buy some tuberoses this year.  I love the way they look.

20. Also, I’m in the mood for heliotrope.  I plant it every year, but this year, I’m going to plant LOTS of heliotrope.

21. Moxie is very cute when she curls up into a little gray fuzzy ball on the floor.

22.  I told you this was random.

23. I need socks.

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