The Happy Post!

No, really, I’m almost done for the morning.  This is my happy post!  Yay!

I’m looking through plant catalogs for the spring and I’m thinking happy thoughts about delphiniums, hosta, ferns, lavender, rhubarb, tomatoes and other pretty, pretty things.  Like that I’m only one month away from planting my peas.  ONE MONTH!!!  I can stick those suckers in the ground on March the Oneth.  How fun is that?  So fun.

I will now share with you highlights of Spring 2008.



Above is part of my Muscari collection.  Oh how I adore these tiny little blue jewels of happiness.  I love that I found some that are varying shades of blue.  My next acquisition: Pure White Muscari.  But that will have to wait for 2010.  And I’m okay with that.   Right now, their leaves are up and they are preparing to become happy blue jewels for me.


Paperwhites.  Don’t they make you just enthusiastic for spring?  Yeah, me too.


I leave you with the first flowers of spring, the Mighty Snowdrop.

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One Response to The Happy Post!

  1. Emmy says:

    One of the things that can make me happy is thinking about your garden and all of the lovliness and joy that is there.

    It is one of the happy places in mind.

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