On Strike!

Soooo, the French are on strike, again.  Why, you might ask, are they striking?  Because the economy is bad and they are worried about their jobs.  Because they want the government to do something.

That’s cool and all, but well, if the economy is bad and profits are down, does stopping work to save your job actually make any sense?  You may regard “profit” as a bad word, as in “Those evil companies are making money, Damn Their Eyes!”  Just a quick word to the wise here: Profits make your company more profitable, which in turn leads to more employees, better benefits and raises.

So, maybe, instead of striking you could, I don’t know, maybe, like, work really hard to keep your current employer profitable and express your discontent after hours.  Like, sort of, being a good citizen and protesting your government’s policies at the same time without making the situation worse.

Just an idea.

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2 Responses to On Strike!

  1. Dana says:

    …or how about joining the rest of the world and give up three of those six week yearly vacations…and actually work – gasp – more! And then they could work on quitting their whining as well.

  2. teeveebee says:

    The French on strike? So what else is new? It happens so often, I’m not even sure it does any good. Yawn.

    Mon Dieu, Dana! I think we could learn a few things from the French, and the rest of Europe too. I say, “Vive la six week vacation!” I’m actually jealous.

    Perhaps the real question might be, what in the world do you have left to whine/strike/complain about when you get 6 to 8 stinking weeks a year of vacation?

    World to France: “Shut up and eat your croissants.”

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