My First Disappointment in the New Administration

Of many more to come, I’m sure.

Obama chose to skip the Salute to Heroes Ball.  You know, the one with the guys who won the Medal of Honor and survived all that badassery to come home despite being unbelievably brave in battle.  Yeah, those guys, he skipped that ball so he could cozy up to the pampered weenies at the Record Industry ball.

After having refused to see the soldiers in the hospital in Germany because he didn’t have the time.

No. Class.  I have no repeatable words for this.  What a dunderhead.

Hat tip to Phelps.


Instapundit linked to this bit from Comedy Central.  LMAO!!!!

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3 Responses to My First Disappointment in the New Administration

  1. Dana says:

    This is really disappointing. How could he not put this ball as the first ball to attend, keeping the frivolous ones at the end of the list? This is such an affront to the very women and men he now the CIC of…they will remember this I’m sure.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    I’ll remember it, I’m sure they will.

  3. Emmy says:

    Whichever secretary or assistant is the one that is in charge of sceduling him needs to be replaced.

    Swiftly and with dispatch.

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