What Should The Oscars Keep?

Via Big Hollywood and The New York Post , I found out Fandango ran a poll of what viewers want in their Awards show, especially the Oscars.  I looked on the Fandango website for the poll results themselves and couldn’t find them.  Essentially, the results were, cut the political speeches, cut the length, make it more entertaining.

My take?  I haven’t watched an Oscars awards show in full since….um…since…since….I really don’t think I ever have.  I’ve seen bits and pieces, usually when I was with other people who wanted to see it, but usually I’ve extricated myself from the room with the television.

I like to look at the dresses, but I can get that all the next day, and I really enjoy Kat Giantis, Fashion Cop.  As an added bonus, the next day I don’t have to listen to a single actor/actress/celebrity speak their own mind.  Just non-moving, non-speaking pictures of pretty people in pretty dresses.  Or, not pretty dresses.

The Oscars themselves are a bit like attending the Drill-Bit Salesman’s Awards Ceremony in Scranton.  A meaningless to me the consumer bunch of silly awards that don’t affect my drill-bit purchasing habits at all.  I don’t know those people, don’t care.  And to be frank, are Oscar awarded movies really the ones people want to see?  (Well, besides Titanic, but lets be truthful, that movie deserved neither the Oscars OR the box office take.  It was three hours of just bloody awful with six minutes of really cool ship sinking.  I mean, I left the theater thinking that the Iceberg was the hero of the movie for crying out loud.)  Most of the time, me and Oscar disagree on what makes a good movie.

I liked Gladiator and LOTR,  2000 and 2003 respectively.  Awesome.  But, for instance, how on earth did Shakespeare in Love beat out Life is Beautiful and Saving Private Ryan in 1998?  That one baffles me.  Or in 1999, no way should American Beauty have won over The Green Mile.  Sheesh.

By the time the Academy has chosen it’s winners, I’ve already seen and decided to like or dislike whatever movie it is that is in contention.  I just don’t care if they win Oscars or not.  That’s not why I choose a movie.

As for the Awards show itself?  I think I’d rather pick my toes or scrub the toilet.  It is an interminable bore.  Even sexed up with Hugh Jackman, I’m skipping this year.

Here’s an interesting thing: Look at the list of the 100 Greatest films of all time (so far), then look at the list of Oscar winners. Funny, how often the best film winners don’t appear on the greatest films list.  Funny how so many movies are under appreciated in their time and it isn’t until later that people really get the movie.  Hmmm.   Just hmmmm.

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One Response to What Should The Oscars Keep?

  1. teeveebee says:

    I’ve always thought that the Oscars must be much more fun for those in attendance than for those watching on TV. I also watch the Oscars in bits and pieces. That’s because it’s hard for me to sit down and pay attention that long. Just give me the main award categories. I could care less who the Best Key Grip of the year is.

    My favorite part is when someone is going overtime in their speech and the orchestra starts playing. It’s funny how many don’t quite take the hint, but just talk faster instead.

    I also like the pretty dresses.

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