Shopping at the BTC

BTC = Bowie Town Center.  It’s relatively new, at least for someone like me who moved here as a baby in 1969.  I can remember playing in the field where BTC now sits.  And really, it’s okay, there’s a Barnes & Noble so I’m happy.

Blah blah blah if you hate the big box store.  I happen to love them.  Rarely do they not already have what I’m looking for, I never get crap from the staff for asking them to help me find conservative books or to order obscure cookbooks for me.  They always cheerfully help me.

I really hate to shop so if I have to, I try to find it, whatever it is, first at BTC.  It’s less than five minutes from my home and on my way home from work.  Plus, if I’m in the mood I can stop by the Lindt shop for a free truffle.  🙂

What I detest about shopping at BTC is parking.  Not that the parking is bad, it isn’t.  Even during Christmas time I can always park relatively near the shop I want to visit.  It’s the ACT of driving into BTC parking lots and attempting to avoid the asshats who drive around there.

What the heck?  Today Dad’s leg hurt so I was trying to get a handicapped spot in between Panera Bread and B&N so he wouldn’t hurt so much when I got him home.  I had to sit and wait behind 6 cars while some woman waited for a spot.  And by waited I mean 10 minutes.  I would have turned around but I was blocked in by the guy behind me and I’d stupidly pulled to close to the car in front of me while letting someone out of a parking space behind me.  Then I had to deal with people who just drove where ever, when ever, disregarding the rules of the road.

Pretty much, though selfish driving is a hallmark of PG County, at BTC it’s just more obnoxious because of how confined the interior road is coupled with all the pedestrians who dart out in front of you.

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One Response to Shopping at the BTC

  1. Dana says:

    mmmm, Panera…

    Our Barnes & Noble did not carry Liberal Facism, and every time I was there an would make inquiry the kid behind the help counter would give me a blank look and tell me I would have to special order it. I would say really, because it was on the NYT bestseller list, and Amazon is moving it like hotcakes.

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