Greater Metropolitan Bethlehem

For years my Mom collected figurines for her creche.  Lots of collecting.  So much so that now the collection includes much more than just Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  Let me show you them.


This is Bethlehem in my living room, before everyone moves in.  Cool, no?


Here is the Holy Family.  And the cat that loves Mary.  More about cats later.


Here are some shepherds and also, St. Thomas Aquinas.  How’d he get there.


Here are the cloth sellers.


This woman is hurrying somewhere with her son.  I hope they don’t trip on that crack in the pavement.


Here are some singers.


And the Roman soldiers.


Here you can see the pond, the fish and the flock of birds.  Do Mallards live in Bethlehem.


Look at all the people.  Moving about, unsuspecting that the Savior was born.  Except for the shepherds.


Here is a bit of unknown information, Bethlehem was attacked during the time of the birth of Jesus.  Viciously attacked.  I have proof, let me show you:


A giant, mutant and very fluffy gray cat named Moxie terrorized Bethlehem.  Many were injured as she sat on them.  Snuggled down and attempted to nap.



Shamelessly, the mutant cat insisted on napping in front of the stable where Jesus was born.  Thankfully, Jesus was omnipotent and caused Moxie to not sit on the Holy Family.

Now you know the story of the Mutant Cat Attack of Bethlehem.

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4 Responses to Greater Metropolitan Bethlehem

  1. Brandi says:

    Greater Bethlehem is awesome! (And I mean awesome in the literal sense). The Moxie attack made my day.

  2. Brandi says:

    I just showed this to Mr. D and he’s still hunched over in laughter at the Moxie attack.

  3. teeveebee says:

    Loving your Greater Bethlehem. Looks like Moxie loved it, too. I hope no one is allergic. One sneeze and half the population might be blown out of town.

    Hope you had a wonderous Christmas, Vivianlouise!

  4. Emmy says:

    Totally loved Bethlehem. Completely and without reservation. I am hoping that you leave it up until 12 night when the wisemen visit.

    I think that baby Jesus invited Moxie to nap- after all there was already one kitteh there and it was only tiny- and Jesus might have gotten a little cold.

    Besides Moxie is more beautiful.

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