Wacky Search Term of the Day

“Can you eat soft shell crabs raw?”

Sorry, I just vomited a little.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!  You can’t.  Ever.  Why even ask this question.  Euw, just euw.

Listen, the noble blue crab of the Chesapeake deserves some respect.  That’s right, respect and some Old Bay.  Soft shell crabs should be fried or sauteed.  Please, don’t eat them raw.  Just don’t.

Oh, and one more thing, for those of you who weren’t raised to treat crabs with love, respect and tenderness, don’t boil your crab, steam them, gently, with plenty of Old Bay.  Don’t boil.  You’ll mess them up, ruining one of God’s kindest gifts to mankind.  Those New Orleans types, they boil crabs down there.  Nice Jazz, but, dag, they ruin the crab that way.  Steam is best.

Also, you will need beer.

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