A Day That Will Live in Infamy…

Today is December 7th, the 67th Anniversary of the day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

It is amazing to me that some of the survivors of that day still live, and to them I say “You have my thanks!”

The Volokh Conspiracy has a great post up with all sorts of pictures and a movie.  I recommend it.

The other day I was reading a story, I don’t remember where, about how WWII is taught in Japanese schools and how they see things quite differently than we do.  Okay.  I suppose.  Except that they aren’t teaching about little details, like, say, oh, The Rape of Nanking, and stuff like that.  It makes me twitchy to hear news like that.  Just twitchy.

We hear quite a lot about Hitler’s murderous shenanigans during the war, but much less about the Japanese and their Death Tour of the Pacific.*  I think it’s time to remind people of that.  A lot.  The Germans teach the Holocaust and remind themselves of what happened when they followed a leader blindly.  The Japanese?  Not so much.

I’m really not trying to hold a grudge, but dang it, they should never be allowed to forget.  Just as we Americans shouldn’t forget we once allowed slavery on our shores, or Jim Crow laws, or the non-fun things that happened to the American Indians.  I do not mean wallow in and pay for with the rest of our lives the sins of our fathers.  I do mean look at it, acknowledge it, ponder the roots of it and purpose to never do it again.

History has a tendency to repeat it self when it is forgotten.

*Each word is a different document or website detailing the crimes of the Japanese Imperial Army during the war in the Pacific.  Go visit them all, some of the pictures are horrific.  It is good that you should see them. Remember, please, the JIA began their burn through victims in the Pacific in 1931.  Their atrocious campaign of death touched many more countries than did the Nazis.

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