Losing Their Minds, At Taxpayer’s Expense!

Via Instapundit and then the Corner: Free Flip Flops For Drunk Chicks in Britain.

The PoPo’s in Torquay, Devon, will be handing out free flip flops to “ladies” too drunk to walk home in their high heels, costing the city 30,000 pounds.  Idiocy.

More interesting than the story of a bureaucracy run amok are the comments.  Like this one: “Safety question for the police – even sober, if under attack, have you ever tried RUNNING in flip flops? Didn’t think so”  And this one: “A lot more fun than actually out catching criminals… here’s a thought… why not force! nightclubs to do this… oops that would spoil their fun!“. Or this one: “I can’t walk in flip-flops. Or run.”  Perhaps this one too: “Flip Flops are no good if you get attacked and want to kick your attacker in the unmentionables, surely hob nailed boots would be a better bet. I’d need a bigger handbag though.

Weird, hunh?  Most of the comments were about what a boneheaded waste of time, effort and taxpayers money this new initiative is, a hopeless stupidity of pc nonsense.  It was the comments above that struck me.  All women, all worried about being attacked on the street, needing to run and perhaps defend themselves from an attacker.

Seems like maybe the Devon PoPo’s need to shift focus or something.

YAY for living in America.  Seriously, you get arrested for being that dead drunk.  I hope that lasts.  If we ever start handing out flip flops to drunk chicks to protect them from themselves, I’ll be helping organize a revolution.

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3 Responses to Losing Their Minds, At Taxpayer’s Expense!

  1. Nancy says:

    That. Is the dumbest thing. I’ve ever heard of.

  2. Emmy says:

    Only the Brit’s…. I suppose it’s more polite and dignified than arresting them.

    Although- has anyone ever tried walking in those things drunk? Not to mention, did they factor in the climate ??

    Geeze, and people wonder why so many of us think that when the government has an idea to “help” us it is way beyond scary-time.

  3. Dana says:

    Feh. Forget the flip-flops. I’d just like to have legs like the tottering drunks!

    OTOH, its remarkable how a country can economically be going down the toilet and still find yet another way to flush taxpayer’s money faster.

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