Stupidity on Black Friday

I hope that X-Box was worth it. Dummies.

Reasons for a human stampede:

  1. Fire.
  2. Baby Aliens burst their pods and are scurrying after you.
  3. Terrorists open fire and you have your kids with you.
  4. A tsunami is heading towards your picnic.

Reasons you are a bone head to stampede:

  1. Everything else.

Reasons you should face jail time for stampeding:

  1. Shopping.

That is reason #1 I detest going anywhere near the mall on Black Friday.

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2 Responses to Stupidity on Black Friday

  1. Dana says:

    VL, I was reading the comments at the linked article. I suppose it was inevitable someone would blame Bush.

    “If folks got no money because of the lousy economy under BUSH then that’s why they have to run and grab and hurry to get their stuff!! If we had a descent eonomy this would NOT HAVE HAPPENED!! It all goes back to BUSH!!”

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Oh, Dana. Just oh.

    Okay, not just oh. But what I have to say in response to that boneheaded comment about Bush just can’t be said in any company at all.

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