Bob’s Progress Report: Part II

Okay, so like a dork, I forgot to take a picture of Bob when the bacon was done.  Our family tradition is to use the bacon from the top of the turkey as an appetizer.  Everyone gets one piece.  So, well, it was gone.  No pictures.  But it tasted great.  Trust me.

Then, like a bigger dork, I forgot to take a picture of Bob right out of the oven all glisteny and steaming.  But, I did get a picture after he stood for a while.

I started to carve Bob when my niece, Yertle, reminded me that we needed a picture of Bob all done.  So there he is, brown and roasty.  His skin was fabulously tasty. I gave Dad the knife and took the pictures.

So, there’s Bob.  Now, here is Bob’s sad carcass, all his tasty, tasty flesh peeled away.  Poor Bob.

Don’t feel too bad for Bob, he has a future as a carcass, later this year Bob will become stock, and then…GRAVY!

Here is another shot of Dad carving Bob.


Bob was a flavory, juicy turkey.  R.I.P.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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5 Responses to Bob’s Progress Report: Part II

  1. Nancy says:

    Please, pass me some Bob, thank you.

  2. Dad says:

    One of the finest turkeys we’ve ever had, juicy and tasty. The gravy was even better.

  3. Emmy says:

    Bob looked lovely, I am still looking for the sammich makings……

    I may have to use part of the Bob recipe for the turkey in my fridge. As we ate at mom’s I have no leftovers, so I made Forrest go get one. Bacon & Turkey- OMG!!

  4. teeveebee says:

    Bob, oh Bob. Wherefore art thou, Bob?

    I just might invite Bob to my house for Thanksgiving next year. Looking at your pictures, I’m sorry it’s all over.

  5. Yertle says:

    Bob was quite tasty! It was a wonderful dinner; however short they seem for all the work that you do.

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