I Don’t Think I Could Love Her More

Yes, there is a turkey dying behind Sarah Palin while she does this interview.  And?  Exactly where do you think that plastic wrapped meat comes from?  This is how those live turkeys get to be dead, dressed, ready for your oven turkeys.  Get the heck over it!  If you are going to eat meat, which I recommend, then their death is what you need to acknowledge.  At least this farm lets them be outside and happy.  Until it slits their throats and bleeds them out.  But, ya know Joe, whatever.

I heart Sarahcuda.  She’s bloody brilliant!

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6 Responses to I Don’t Think I Could Love Her More

  1. Brandi says:

    I can’t say I loved her as a VP nominee, but she seems to have it together as a governor. And I’m with you on the turkey issue, and think it’s great she chose that particular spot for an interview.

  2. Dana says:

    I read at New York Magazine that she was quoted as having been told by a cameraman that this was taking place behind her and she was like, whatever. I think the joke is on those with *tender* sensibilities and she’s laughing at the nation of wussies we’ve become….which makes me like her even more.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    What I think is even funnier is that the turkey pardoning thing is made even more poignant by the slaughter of the other turkeys, which is the whole dang point of the whole exercise. And you know, there is a metaphor for something else here, but I’ll just leave it at that.

    The wussification of a nation of eaters is pitiful. For crying out loud, you eat the animal, the least you can do is occasionally witness it’s death.

    Meat is murder. Tasty, Tasty murder. Pass the gravy.

    Except, I don’t think killing animals qualifies as murder. That is a distinctive offense against the Image-Bearers of God.

  4. Dana says:

    um, the NYT referred to it as “the execution” of turkeys…

  5. vivianlouise says:

    LMAO!!!!!! What a bunch of panty-waisted milquetoasts. “Execution”! Hahaha.

    I think I’ll go picket the NYT next time a pepperoni pizza is delivered.

    Oh. My. Lanta.

  6. teeveebee says:

    Mmm. Can’t wait til Thanksgiving. Ya just gotta love this girl.

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