VDH – A Hunka Hunka Burnin Love – Updated with More Love

Victor Davis Hanson once again distills down the whole economic dealio in one article.  And I heart him for it.  Really, it’s one word: Fail.  Go read it now…..

See, wasn’t that refreshing?

This is my favorite paragraph:

Our culture forgot that there was once a utility in failure. Failing reminded us of what works and what doesn’t — and how we must learn to avoid the latter. Instead, in our new economic purgatory, no firm, company, state, city, or individual ever quite goes to financial heaven or hell. A Bear Stearns or Chrysler neither succeeds nor fails but just sort of endlessly exists.

Update! With More Love:

For Freeman Dyson.  You just have to love a man who would prefer to have an argument than to monologue, as well as having a healthy fear of political money.  That’s just sexy.  Even if the man in question is 86.  There, I’ve said it.

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