Maple Lawn Farms – My Turkey of Choice!

I read a story in the WaPo last year, biased I’m sure, about the best turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Maple Lawn Farms was a top rated turkey, plus it could be ordered from a MOM’s that is conveniently on my way home from work.  I got one last year and made it for the day after Thanksgiving because I did the small T-Day for a couple of friends and had cornish game hens that day.  I didn’t do anything much to the turkey when I made it, a little salt, pepper, some butter on the skin, that was it.  I wanted to taste the turkey and see if it was worth the effort and actually better than the frozen supermarket turkeys we’d always gotten.

Oh. My. Lanta.  That turkey was delicious, unadorned.  So, I’ve already ordered a turkey from MOM’s this year.

Why am I willing to pay for a more expensive turkey?

  • Taste.  If the turkey didn’t taste better I wouldn’t bother.  If I’m paying more it has got to be worth it.  These turkeys are, which means they really are a better value.
  • Local.  My mother drilled it into my head that local farms are a benefit to us.  We get fresher and more diverse produce by buying locally grown than can possibly be supplied by a large chain grocery store.
  • Free Range.  Turkeys were meant to move about, though, I’d be happier if Free Range = outside.  It doesn’t.  Still, these turkeys are able to move which really does make them tastier.

I love shopping at Whole Foods or MOM’s, even though I think that their environmental stands are often looney.  I like the greater variety they offer, like the Whole Foods cheese selection.  I heart cheese.  All things lactic and milky are my friends.  Except American cheese.  I hate that stuff.  I hate the cheeses that have been so processed that they no longer have any distinctiveness from the plastic that surrounds them.  Velveeta is excepted because of it’s long love affair with Rotel. I can’t get the Nancy’s Camembert from Old Chatham Sheepherding Company at the local Safeway, and I will not live without that cheese.  I won’t do it!

I digress, the cheese distracted me.  I can get all sorts of different and unusual vegetables and fruits at the organic stores and at farmstands than I can at the conventional chains.  I can get the game meats there too.

What it comes down to is that I find those shops interesting.

Plus, there’s the cheese.

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3 Responses to Maple Lawn Farms – My Turkey of Choice!

  1. Phelps says:

    My fav pub has Stilton and Maasdam on the cheese board. But they were out of Maasdam last night, an d there was much howling and rending of cloth.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Sometimes I head down town and shop at Cowgirl Creamery. It’s not a shop for the lactically weak. You walk in and there are room temp cheeses everywhere for the tasting. And there is room temp cheese smell everywhere. I love that store.

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