Inauguration Day in Prince George’s County

My home county in Maryland voted for Obama 90%.  I was amoung the 10%.  That’s cool, it’s the American thing.  PG County is the richest black majority county in the country.  BET is centered here.  There is a lot of wealth here, black wealth.  And lots of poverty, same.  I say all that just to give those who don’t know PG a picture of this county.  By the way, there is a lot of wealth in hispanic, white and asian hands as well as poverty.  Again, America.

The school board of PG is considering giving the students Inauguration Day off to enable them to attend the festivities.  Ya know what?  I agree.  I think they should.  I think that in light of the progress in my life time from Jim Crow laws to a black man elected POTUS, these kids need to see it.  They need to see a man of their own color take the oath of office and be duly installed for four years to lead the most powerful nation on earth.  I want them to see it.

My hope is that they will listen to the vows Obama makes that day and remember them.  I hope they become interested in their country and on that day determine to serve their country.  I hope they are inspired to read not just Obama’s books but the Federalist Papers and from there De Tocqueville.   In short, I hope they see this country as THEIR own, not just a place they live, but their very own country.  I want them to fall in love with the Republic in a way that no other generation of black citizens has ever loved the Republic.

My last hope is that they don’t make the mistake of falling in love with Obama instead of the Republic.  It’s a dangerous thing to attache your allegiance to a person instead of a nation.  You respect the Office of POTUS, and from there you offer respect to the man holding the office.  But your first allegiance goes to the office itself.  If the man holding the office fails in a way that brings irredeemable dishonor to the office then he must go.  (Like Nixon.)

Do I have much hope on that last point?  Not so much, but I needed to say it anyway.

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One Response to Inauguration Day in Prince George’s County

  1. Dana says:

    Well said, VL. Its always a good thing to have a clear understanding that everyone has feet made of clay. Unfortunately, in this new Obama culture, I’m not even sure it would matter. I think the pre-emptive strikes are solidly in place if he stumbles…

    Ownership, whether a home or a country has a completely different meaning and worth than if one is just a renter.

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