The Child Witches of Nigeria

Yes, I really wrote that.  The Child Witches of Nigeria.

I detest child abuse more than I can express in polite, non-polite and sailor company.  I loathe it, deep and abiding hate isn’t too strong a word to use.  A by product of that is that I also detest, loathe and hate child abusers.  To intentionally hurt a child is monstrous.  To intentionally hurt HUNDREDS of children for financial gain is Hitler like in the scope of monsterhood.  Yet, that is exactly what is happening in Nigeria.

According to the story, a group of now wealthy pastors are profitting by first calling a child a witch and then charging the parents a year’s wages to cure the child.  The cure includes torture of several kinds. Profitable gig, I suppose.

The evil and loathesome cockroach who spread this practice, Helen Ukpabio, is a self proclaimed prophetess who has a cottage industry in selling videotapes and books that worsen this phenomena.  She says that you can identify a witch if the child under two cries and screams a lot.  Yes, even when they are poor and hungry, only children who are witches would ever cry a lot.  Oh, and she’s blameless, she claims that “…someone with a gift like me can never hurt anybody” No, Helen, you’ve just encouraged parents to poor acid on their children, to cut them, beat them, crush them with stones, but sure, you’ve never hurt anyone.  Because you, Helen Ukpabio, are a cockroach, and you feed on your own.

What makes this even more loathsome is that these crimes against children are perpetrated in Jesus name.  Come on, people! Just come on.  This teaching doesn’t come from scripture.  It comes from the twisted mind of a cockroach trying to make a buck.

Thank God there are people like Gary Foxcroft who take these kids in, thank God.

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5 Responses to The Child Witches of Nigeria

  1. Dana says:

    This was so distressing that it really left me quite speechless.

    Suffice it to say, I am thankful God will have the final say.

  2. Emmy says:

    You knew you would get me on so very many levels with this one.

    I abso-FREAKING-lutely despise the stupidity of people like that- the ones who utilize anything holy and sacred for justification of hatred and torture.

    Unfortunately in my worldview- worse even than these people are those who have been chosen to protect people- most especially children, from idiot predators like this “Christian” woman. If this woman is Christian- count me out.

    Not to mention if she was- deliverances and exorcisms are not fee-for-service

    Yes, Dana, God gets to have the final say- but until then it is our duty as fellow humans to do whatever we can to combat such monumental stupidity and cruelty- or we get to go into the “worse than the people who do it because they are stupid” pile. We then, having not tried to fix it- go into the “you are worse because you had the brains, and intelligence to do something, but you did nothing”I do not know the best answer- but helping that man who is helping those children is a start. Even if it is only by getting out the word that it is happening, and he is helping.

    Sorry Viv- but you knew I’d get soapboxy…..

  3. Dana says:

    Emmy, of course we do whatever is humanly possible to stop such atrocities. My comment reflects my worldview – evil will prosper on this earth due to the fallen nature of man and yet at the end, it is God Himself who brings justice…and grace. Evil will always meet its inevitable end – and that at the hands of Christ.

    Obviously this “prophetess” is not a Christian as she does not reflect the values and heart of Christ rather she is an evil personified. Of this there should be no doubt. Unfortunately, there are those that will point to her and say, ‘See what these Christians do’…

    We all face judgement, yet hope is knowing that people like her will also have to face their own day of reckoning. And woe to them. Without that hope, what would we have in light of such evil?

  4. teeveebee says:

    “But those who desire to be rich fall…into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…” (I Tim 6:9-10)

    How seared must these people’s consciences be?

    There is one thing that we all can do, and that’s pray. May God have mercy on these children and may He protect and help Gary Foxcroft.

  5. vivianlouise says:

    I’m going to look into Gary Foxcroft’s work and see if there is an organization to which we can responsibly donate. If it is the work of the British government, we can’t. There are many organizations that do that kind of work. I’ve been a part of Christian Children’s Fund for a long time.

    We can indeed pray, we can pray specifically for the church in Nigeria to bluntly and specifically address this heresy. They can do it with better exposition of true doctrine, good teaching and real compassion.

    The problems are multiple. One is the mixing of the religions, the animist with the Christian. Two is the lack of critical thinking skills. Three is the retention of “magical thinking” – those that really believe that a two year old can be a witch and that two year old can then destroy the crops by causing it not to rain. We see right through that, but we have the rich heritage of scientific enlightenment for the past 6 centuries. Without that, why would you not seek to blame someone for your woe? They take personally what is an impersonal and natural circumstance. Instead of seeking to review their farming techniques and seeking better water management practices, they stone their 6 year old to death in the desperate hope that will solve the problem and bring the rain.

    Oh, dear God, that’s a whole paradigm shift for those people, and it will be difficult. But, the heretics and profiteers must go. I pray for their downfall, I pray that the people recognize them for what they are, wretched and greedy charlatans who have no thought to the people’s real problems and very real needs for comfort in a confusing and painful world. That they teach salvation through child sacrifice using Jesus Christ along the way is a grotesque and vile transformation of salvation through grace. Jesus didn’t die so that children could be tortured and profit made. Those “pastors, priests and prophets” are NOT Christians. They are snake oil salesmen who have no idea of the true God. If they did they would run and hide, shivering in fear at the judgment to come. I do not even wish to imagine the day when they stand before God in his eternal courtroom and are made to answer for this outrage. His wrath will be terrible to behold.

    I do pray they will be stopped. Soon.

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