Go Figure…

Isn’t this fascinating:

And not surprising.  I’ll add links later, but you can find the quotes everywhere.  They all add up to one thing: Socialism.  For those of you who think you’ve got something coming to you, that you “deserve” your fair share, know this: Socialism kills.  Further, you should know this: Socialism kills lots of people.

Socialism is basically envy and jealous greed enshrined in policy and government.  In it’s simplest terms socialism is a utopian vision that believes if you just gave everyone the same stuff and treated them the same everyone would do the same thing and be really happy about it.  In reality, unicorns magically coming out of my butt would be much more likely to happen.

People are individuals, some are successful, some not.  Some are smart, some not.  The joy of a free market, capitalist, democratic republic is that you can strive to achieve and be rewarded for that effort.  It is completely fair that some people fail while others succeed.  Why on earth would I strive to do my best, to excell and learn if I am going to be paid exactly the same as the deadbeat who sits at her desk choosing wedding dresses and updating her facebook friends?  Why bother, really there is just no point.

Feel bad for the poor?  Invest in private efforts to teach job skills, encourage the apprentice/journeyman/master system to thrive again, donate to a scholarship for worthy and qualified students to attend college.  There are dozens of other ways, but giving people a check with out the requirement of earning it is a soul and esteem sucking thing that will do no good and produce absolutely nothing.

Redistributive change.  That’s what Obama wants to do to us.  I don’t want his redistribution.  I don’t want his hopey-changeyness.  I want America’s citizens to remain free and at liberty to succeed and fail as they attempt to achieve.

So, why include a video of people afriad of an Obama administration buying guns?  Please imagine that the government, say an agency like the Stazi, was coming to take your 14 year old child and you to a “re-education” camp because you can both quote the original pre-amble to the Constitution.  I’ll leave you with that thought.

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  1. James says:


    Morning. Hope you are enjoying your extra hour of sleep. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words. I too miss a talking to you and fellow Swampers. If you ever make it to NYC, let me know. We’ll have to go to a great soul food place named Maroon’s!

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