For the Love of Something

I can not tell you how sick of this election I am.  There has been campaigning for the past 18 months officially.  Enough already.  Next time can we please agree to shorten the process?  I’ll resurrect Zombie Reagan and Zombie Patton to decimate the entire country if you all don’t immediately agree with me.  Okay?  Great.

For now, just know that it is wearing me out.  The stupidity of it.  How the media questions the amount of money the RNC spends to clothe Sarah Palin but totally passes asking any clarifying “WTF are you talking about, Joe?” when Biden practically sends scented invitations for a “major international incident” in the first six months of an Obama administration.  Really?  That’s not news?


I’m baffled.

Unless of course most of the media is in the Tank for Obama and overlooking crazy ol’ Uncle Joe is part and parcel of getting the Messiah, the Great One, Mr. Hopey Changey, The Obama, elected.

Oh, Dear, Lord.  I weep for us.  I really do.  How did we get here?  Why are we so easily allowing our liberties to slip through our fingers?  Are we any different than Esau, who sold his birthright for pottage?  At least there was dietary fiber in that pottage.  We will get nothing but trouble from the socialist government Obama and Biden will bring.  And we are letting it happen.

I’m sick, so I’m a bit puny today.  Maybe tomorrow it will look better.

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