Sarahcuda and Joe Gafftrack

Well, if you want my blow by blow, or to be more accurate, sip by sip, opinion on the debate, go to Missoulapolis and read the VP Debate Open Thread, with Drunk Commenting.  It was lots of fun.

I think Palin did well.  I think she, like McCain before her, missed many opportunities to slam Biden’s and Obama’s records.  My favorite Palin mistake of the night?  O’Biden.  That was hilarious.

Biden did some great stare-at-the-camera-and-scare-the-children-with-tales-of-the-CheneyMonster!  Ooooo.  Please.  They treat Cheney like he’s the devil.

All in all, I think Palin won for exactly the reason that Obama won the last debate.  She showed up and didn’t suck like a black hole.  Actually she did very well.

I’m looking forward to the fact checks.  Like Obama leading the cry to check the out of control stupidity at Fannie and Freddie two years ago.  Come on!  Seriously?  You do know who is advising him on economics, right?  Franklin Raines.

One note: I’m with McCain about not sitting down with Spain.  Unless of course they brought Ferran Adrià and we sat down at El Bulli.  Then I’m tucking a napkin under my chin and waiting for nirvana.  “What was that President Zapatero?  Can you please be quiet, I’m tasting the Rabbit with Hot Apple Jelly.  Silence!”  Perhaps after the dessert I could still process enough information through my Compari soaked brain to tell the Spanish government to grow a pair.  I MEAN PEAR!  A pear!  I like them, okay?

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One Response to Sarahcuda and Joe Gafftrack

  1. Brandi says:

    I think she did pretty well. I was sick of her “folksy speak” pretty quickly, but that’s just my personal pet peeve.

    I think she’s shown that she can handle herself when she has time to prep and knows (or at least has a good idea of) what will be asked. She’s obviously not stupid, but she really brought her knowledge base into question with her recent interviews. (I know you think some of that is editing, but I don’t buy it. Her answer is her answer–they didn’t change her words).

    Anyway, I think the debate has earned back some of her credibility

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