Tonight’s Debate – Preparation

As I prepare to watch the VPOTUS debate tonight, I am getting to know the Moderator:

Gwen Ifill, is of course, unbiased, not invested financially in the outcome of this election and fully able to ask questions that would result in both candidates being treated fairly.

HA!  hahahahahahaha!  Bwaahahahaha!  *wipes eyes*  Yeah, “treated fairly”, good joke, hunh?

Regarding Sarah Palin: I like her.  A lot.  I catch a lot of flak for that too, considering where I work.  One of the reasons I adore the Sarahcuda is how she gets into the brains of the ardent feminist class, like a brain eating worm that causes frothing at the mouth, twitching, screeching and Turrets.  I LOVE that she does them like that.  She comes with a ‘Get the feminist’s-panties-in-a-galactic-knot’ feature that is endlessly entertaining to me.  I love that she exposes them for what they are, a bunch of whiney thugs who preach tolerance and opportunity but really want lock-step borg-like agreement with their busted vision of a world without bras.  Go Sarah, well played.

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3 Responses to Tonight’s Debate – Preparation

  1. Brandi says:

    I agree that her feminist-irritating abilities are among her best qualities, but her knowledge (or lack thereof) of the current state of our country and the world scares me.

    About 80% of what I know about the current economic crisis I learned from reading links you posted here. So, 20-30 minutes of blog reading gave me a very basic handle on what’s happening. In her interview, she didn’t even seem to have a basic grasp of the situation.

    I’m anxious for tonight. I want her to do well and prove me wrong.

  2. vivianlouise says:


    I’m not terribly concerned with Palin’s knowledge, I am quite sure that she has a good grasp of economics. I’m absolutely sure that Couric & Company edited her responses to make her appear as stupid as possible. They are notorious for it.

    I AM worried that Miss Gwennie is so deeply in the tank for Obama that she will be working from a seat of manipulative power to discredit Palin. Ifill should recuse herself.

    Hahaha! I make me laugh.

  3. Brandi says:

    I didn’t know anything about her until I just read the link to her Essence Article. Oh dear.

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