Yesterday on the Web

VDH: –This is why I love Victor Davis Hanson so.  Really love him.

The Whittle: – And this is Eject! Eject! Eject!, Bill Whittle’s blog.  He’s brilliant.  Just brilliant.  If you go here you can see all his PJTV spots.  Again with the brilliant.

Cindy Sheehan’s attempt to oust Nancy Pelosi is a fascinating thing.  Her offices were vandalized yesterday.

Lestat’s creator is now a Christian.  Anne Rice has a new book out. I’m not going to buy it, I may not even read it, but I am fascinated about what she’s got to say.

The Pioneer Woman has failed me for the first time.  The recipe for these cake balls made me vomit a little in my mouth.  Thank God the recipe for Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich stands firm and unmoving.  Also, those potatoes she did last week?  I’ve made both, in fact the sandwich is a favorite of my family, kids included.  Except we usually just serve it over rice.  But oh, my, lanta, the cake balls?  Ack!

Frank J. at IMAO challenges Obama to share his wealth with McCain.  Cause he’s all about the redistributive change thing….

Hopefully, that 3:00 AM caller will call back at 3:30, or maybe even 4:00.  Perhaps they will leave a transcript so Teh One can catch up…From Carol at Missoulapolis.

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