I always struggle with days like today.  I can’t but help remember what happened seven years ago, and along the way remember the war since then.  Wanting to remember, to honor those lost and especially to honor those who have marched off to war to sacrifice their lives to protect my liberty and freedom, I keep tabs on dates like today.  For what it’s worth, I mark December 7th also.  What I really don’t want is to remember in such a way as to bring shame to me, to my country and to the dead.  The Dissident Frogman has a fabulous flicker up.  I teared right up.  I love that Frenchman. 

And so, whiskey in hand:
Here’s to the Dead of that awful day, you are not forgotten.
Here’s to the Soldiers who continue to fight, you have our prayers.
Here’s to the Widows and Orphans, may you be comforted, may you know mercy.

And to our enemies; may you know what it is to be hunted and finally caught.

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