Rachel Lucas and the BBC World Opinion Poll

While I might not always express it with quite this, um, eloquence, my sentiments are the same.  I tried today to find the original BBC poll where the rest of the world attempts to elect Obama POTUS.  I didn’t try really hard, and I gave up because I seriously don’t freaking care enough to spend a bunch of time on it.

Rachel’s take is right on. The beauty of living in a sovereign nation and being a legal citizen of that nation is that I get to elect my very own dang leader.  I’m really excited every day that I have never cast a vote for Putin.  I have never ever had to vote for Kim Jong Ill or die for writing in Ronald Reagan.  I’m really happy about that.   I would have loved to vote for Margaret Thatcher or Winston Churchill, but then the Brits didn’t really vote for them either, they voted for the party.  Or how ever that system works. I’ll echo the sentiments of many of Rachel’s commenters: You like Obama so much?  Elect him to your highest office.  Bring him there.  Please.

And, to be clear once and for flippin all: Obama will not get my vote because he is a socialist, because he is way to liberal, because he sees victims everywhere, because I don’t agree with his vision for America.  It isn’t because he’s black.  Or half black half white.  Or born in Hawaii. Or raised in Indonesia.  Or a graduate of Harvard.  Or a community organizer.*  Not for any of those silly, ridiculous reasons will I withhold my vote from Obama.  It is unbelievably insulting to be told I’m a racist because I won’t vote for him.  Back up out my grill with that crap.

Read Rachel’s take, then head on down and read commenter Alex’s letter to the writer of the opinion on the poll.  Oh heck, read all the comments.  They get salty, but are ever so entertaining.

*Community organizer is not conservative code for:black man trying to usurp our rightful place as POTUS.  Community organizer is a community organizer.  Not that I have a whole lot of respect for that line of work in general, but that’s a discussion for another day.

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