The Oprah/Palin Kerfuffle

The Drudge Report, Newsday, ABC News, and even NRO have stories about Oprah’s alleged refusal to have Governor Palin, aka Caribou Barbie, aka Sarahcuda, on her show.  Is Oprah biased?  (Duh, she campaigned for Obama.)  Is she being unfair?  Whatever will we do?  Am I, average American Jane, going to be plummeted into the depths of despair because Oprah has refused to have Governor Palin, aka Caribou Barbie, aka Sarahcuda, on her show?  Oh noes!  How will I know what to think unless the great Oprah tells me!!!!!!????????  Will this end in anarchy?  Will cats and dogs live together?

A much more important question would be this: Do I really give a flying rat’s butt in hell what Oprah does on her show?  No.  I. Don’t. Care.  Am I at all influenced by what Oprah does or does not do, by what she recommends, what she thinks?  No.  To be honest, I think very lowly of those who allow themselves to be influenced by Oprah or, for that matter, any other entertainer.  Why should I care what some millionare who hasn’t met the real “Oh dear God! How will I pay the bills and feed the kids?” world in decades thinks?

NEXT!  Pass the beer nuts.

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  1. Brandi says:

    What scares me are the sheer number of people, women especially, who ARE influenced by what Oprah thinks. When she campaigned for Obama, Mr. D and I looked at each other and said, “Well, he just won the election.” Which would be true if the majority of Oprah watchers actually voted, but that’s another story.

    Regardless of one’s political affiliation, it’s pretty exciting that a woman is the VP nominee. That hasn’t happened in nearly 20 years (and only the second time in history if I remember correctly, and the first time ever for a republican candidate). You’d think she’d have her on just for that factor alone.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Brandi, it scares the heebee geebees out of me that women are influenced by Oprah. Crikey. She is a wealthy, wealthy woman who can do pretty much anything she wants. Any thing. I just want to scream at the women who slavishly follow whatever Oprah does.

    (On a related subject, why does anyone watch The View? On the rare occasion I’ve caught bits and pieces of it I was bored to tears and astounded by the vapidity of it. It was a frivolous confection of absolute nothingness. Nothing. Blah blah blah boring… I can think of thousands of women I find much more interesting. Shoot, I’d prefer to get my teeth cleaned. At least I’ll have gained something tangible for the pain and torment. Shows like that are useless and fluffy. It’s like digital Cool-Whip.)

    Palin, on the other hand, hasn’t spent decades away from a life like the rest of us have to live.

    What is fascinating to me in all of this is that the MSM has finally tipped it’s hand clearly showing that they are in the tank for Obama specifically and the Democrats generally. Their response to the Palin pick has been endlessly fascinating. Did you see the US Weekly cover? Oh my. Just, oh my.

    You are correct, this is the second time a woman has been picked to run for VPOTUS and the first time for the Republicans.

    Like I said, pass the beer nuts. This will be a wild 60 days.

  3. Brandi says:


  4. m brown says:

    oprah HAS ALWAYS been a racist, and she always will be! Watch the shows 4 black people and 2white. I think this should fry her goose…..

  5. vivianlouise says:

    I really don’t care what she does with her goose, her goose doesn’t need to be fried. I don’t need her to go off the air, or change her ways, or anything. Honestly, I don’t wish her ill. The point isn’t that Oprah loses anything. The point is that her opinion doesn’t matter to me at all. Her opinion shouldn’t be a big deal. That’s the point. This whole brouhaha is silly and ridiculous.

  6. Dana says:

    I don’t care what O thinks. Her self-righteousness and emotional drivel don’t interest me in the least. After all, I can provide myself with a steady stream of that, why would I want hers as well?

    Oprah viewers are embarrassing…

    The View could eventually lead me to full blown alcoholism.

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