Things That Make Me Laugh…

Sometimes there are stories that crack me up, sometimes so much so that I can’t continue reading for awhile. About three years ago it was the exploding whale in Taiwan. Just the mental image of some guy getting hit with 5 pounds of rotting whale liver and getting knocked off his moped cracks me up. Sorry, that’s just funny. Hold on, I’m laughing…………

So, the other day I was reading National Review Online and I came across this story by Todd Gallagher about the difference in athletic performance between men and women. Not funny, just interesting. Until the second page when I came across this paragraph:

Cathy Young, the author of Ceasefire: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality, suggests that that failure to discuss research findings openly and honestly reflects a larger feminist agenda of “bio-denial” to promote the idea that there are no natural differences between the genders. “There’s a whole establishment that’s invested in perpetuating the notion that there are not inborn differences between the genders athletically, and that any differences can only be attributable to sociological circumstances and societal oppression. They have a clear agenda to empower women through a distorted notion of equality but these people are saying things that are completely out of touch with biological reality.”

Bio-denial. Hahahahahahaha! That theory just cracks me the heck up. hahahahahaha! Of all the foolish, stupid, silly and self-deceiving theories to invest yourself in, that one is surely amoung the worst. No difference between men and women? Are their eyes even open? Come on, people! There are differences. Lovely, delicious and fabulous differences.

The bigfoot carcass that was really a frozen gorilla suit story made me laugh just as hard. And that was just as ridiculous as the whole “bio-denial” theory. Hahahahaha!

Okay, so, I’m off to laugh now.

*Coming soon – Vacation Pictures!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Bio-denial is pretty funny, but that big foot story was hysterical!

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