A Maxfield Parrish Morning

I adore Maxfield Parrish, more than anything I love his skies. Every now and then we have a morning here where the colors of the clouds and the skies mimic a Parrish painting, this morning was such a day.

The colors obviously didn’t translate into the electronic world, just trust me, it was lovely.

So pretty.

Last night we had a powerful storm, no “tomatoes”, but some serious downbursts, hail and heavy rain. In other words, absolutely lovely. Except that some branches came down in our yard and a tree crushed a car down the street. Below is a picture of the biggest branch to come down in our yard – when I took the picture there was a male cardinal sitting on the end. Though, do birds sit? I suppose it was standing there. Birds either lay there, stand or fly. The picture is kinda out of focus, sorry.

I just like these flowers. It’s a double purple petunia and a very pretty sherbet lantana.

And now, the heliotrope. I adore this plant, I love the smell which is a kind of musky vanilla, and the color. There are white ones, but I didn’t manage to get any in time to plant them this year. Perhaps next.

Finally, a greeting from The Jujubee:

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4 Responses to A Maxfield Parrish Morning

  1. Brandi says:

    I miss Maryland…we haven’t had a good storm here all summer.

    Maxfield Parrish lived a lot of his life a few miles down the road from where my parents live in New Hampshire. His estate is now an artists’ colony. It’s a lovely place to visit if you’re ever in the Claremont/Cornish, New Hampshire area.

  2. Dana says:

    Yay Maxfield Parrish! No artists blues were ever as vibrant and shocking as his.

    Brandi, I’m going to Google that estate right now!

  3. Brandi says:

    O.K., I just spoke with my mom and I was mistaken–his estate is privately owned by an author/photographer.

    There IS an artists colony in the same town (Cornish), established by sculptor Agustus Saint-Gaudens, which Maxfield Parrish was a part of until he died. That’s where I got confused. So, it’s Saint-Gaudens’ estate. Parrish was just a member of the colony.


  4. vivianlouise says:

    Maxfield Parrish’s paintings are the kind I want to move into. Like, pack my bags and move right in.

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