His Vacuity Goes to 11

As I listened to BHO’s speech in Berlin I tried to figure out what he was saying. Is that guy even speaking English? I just don’t know. All I know is that after every one of his speeches I’m left with that bloaty feeling, you know the one you get when you’ve eaten a whole box of sugar free carob truffles: the uncomfortable fullness of having a gut full of absolutely nothing and it just sits there festering until you purge.* Yeah, it’s a Roman thing.

Gerard Baker in the Times hits the phenomenon that is His Vacuousness, the Obamessiah, right squarely on his vacuous head. Funny as heck.

*Not that I’ve ever eaten any of those things, I wouldn’t. My love affair with full sugar actual chocolate real ingredients truffles is not a thing to be sullied with fake crap like that hippie-gunk. It’s like asking a coke addict to snort powdered sugar. **

** Not that I’m an addict. ***

***Sort of.

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