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Search Terms

I really do love the search terms people use to find my little blog.  I mean “love” to say that it is very amusing.  Very.  Yesterday’s search term was “Chimp Cupcake Testicle”.  Charming.  I’m the Chimp Cupcake Testicle Lady.  Oiy.  This link is because of a post I did back in 2005 on Playground Rules.

Know Your Herbs

6 people in a Gaithersburg, MD family became sick after eating a stew made with some plant they found in the front yard.  The person who made the potato stew thought what she picked was mint.  What she really picked was jimson weed, a rather toxic plant.  I’m just a little baffled, but maybe that’s because mint looks really different in India.  The first, Jimson, second, mint.

Kinda different, hunh?  All the mints I grow are similar.  Same leaf type, though, most aren’t as cutely moundy as the Lemon Balm above.  Just make sure you really actually know what you’re eating before you eat it, okay?  Even better, only eat it if you planted it.

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2 Responses to Random Friday Stuff

  1. onyx says:

    I shall teach my children and grandchildren to always make sure they bring enough cupcakes for all the chimps. I shall even teach random strangers this rule.

    One would hate to see other males lose their jewels, nose and a foot over a cupcake.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    No lie, Onyx. Playground rules are so easy to follow and necessary. Especially if you are dealing with wild animals. And chimps…

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