The Land of the Veldt

I’ve always loved that word, Veldt.  I read The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and saw the short movie based on his story when I was in college.  My freshman and sophomore English professor was a lovely wonderful woman whose love for books was infectious, her love for science fiction even more so.  She had convinced the community college I attended to offer two literature classes as science fiction surveys instead of the usual suspects.  I can not tell you how much I adored her and her classes.

She was an ex nun who had fallen in love with a priest.  They renounced their vows together and got married.  She always carried the sorrow of those broken vows, but her obvious delight in her husband and her new profession seemed to bouy her.

The first class was a survey of science fiction from the beginning, with H.G. Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs up to then current writers.  I still reread the text books regularly.  Huge anthologies full of the most wonderful short stories.  Dangerous Visions is still my favorite.

Anywho, I’ve always had a soft spot for Africa, the land itself is beautiful and striking.  The people are gorgeous.  I’d say the whole continent is romantic, but I can’t erase the knowledge of the horrific depredations of governments upon the people.  I’m not talking about colonialism here, I’m talking about people like Amin and Mugabe.  On the whole, though, I long to visit many places in Africa.  I want to see the pyramids, I want to see the savannah, the jungle, Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Most of all, I want to visit South Africa.  I’ve heard from many that it is one of the most lovely places on earth.  And because the Lovely Charlotte lives there.

Charlotte sent a link to a great South African Blog, Too Much Coffee, which I’ll be reading regularly.  As is common on the web, you go to one page, find a link and end up somewhere else.  That somewhere else was Madam and Eve.  Brilliant.  I’ve only read a few, but this cartoon is my new favorite.

Anywho, Charlotte, I’m saving up to come visit you.  Someday.

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