Flower Eaters

When I checked my blog stats this morning someone came to my blog by searching for “can you eat thyme flowers”.

Oh yes, you can.  And they are really tasty, lovely in salads.  Really beautiful decorating a plate.  Chive flowers are gorgeous too.  Pretty much, any herb you can eat, eat the flowers too.  Squash blossoms can be stuffed with goat cheese and baked.  Rose petals and rose water make a gorgeously scented cake with gorgeously scented frosting decorated with wonderfully beautiful petals.  Mmm.

Just make sure you don’t eat flowers that have been treated with pesticides.  Make sure they are actually edible.  Do a search on the web to find lists of edible flowers.  Anywho, below is the picture of my herb bed with the thyme blossoms and chive blossoms.

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