You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To….

I love that little skunk from Bambi.

Saturday I took more pictures of the garden.  YAY!

This is my herb bed.  This is my herb bed on plant crack!  The tall stuff in the back is oregano I’ve got to prune.  In front, with the dragon, is oregano-thyme, next to it is lemon-thyme, then winter savory and then English-thyme.  The coconut thyme is back there, it’s just still tiny and ashamed to show itself in the face of all these over-achievers.  The stuff with the pink flowers in the back next to the oregano is the cranesbill.  To the side of the lemon-thyme is tarragon.  Tarragon, meet the people.  People, meet tarragon.

Below are pictures of the tomato bed.  The one on the left is the bed when I first planted the lovely-to-be tomatoes.  The one on the right is the tomato bed after heat, water, compost and tomato food.

Ignore the weeds between the beds.  They don’t exist.  These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…  In the picture I took Saturday I really like the bed to the left, the herb bed with the dragon.  You can see how the thymes spill over the edge and get all dramatic looking.  And you can see the garlic chives hiding behind the too tall oregano.  Further back you can see the orange day lillies.  In the foreground you can see the leaves of my zucchini.  YAY for baby zucchini.

Here you can see the path that leads past the roses.  When the roses are blooming this is the most lovely path to take, it’s pretty, fragrant (in a good way) and cool.

You can see the honeysuckle on the forsythia bushes in the left front and the fire pokers in the back center.

Below are the Moss Roses.  You need to grow these, if you can find them.  They aren’t easy to get, thankfully my Mom planted them long ago.  That smell, the Lemon-Verbena and Lavender-Thyme.  Oh. My. Lanta.

Lavender.  In a clean glass.  Neat.

We have buckets of bees in the lavender all day.  Seriously, from the moment the sun slightly illuminates the back yard till just about dark, there are bees all over this plant.  You can see several if you look closely.  This lavender is right off the main patio, the bees are so drunk on lavender pollen they don’t even look at us humans.  Juicy will take a swing at the bees from time to time and they ignore his shots across the bow and get right back to the lavender.

Just look at this next picture any time your tummy feels bad.  That should help.

Chamomile.  Sigh.  Pretty pretty chamomile.

This is the most recently renovated bed in our yard.  It had been a collection of ivy, roots and trash that the people going to the park threw there.  Seriously, I won’t let anyone in my family drink Milwaukee’s Best, where do you think that can came from?

There is a canna to the left, an astilbe I’ve still got to plant, three ferns, a funky groundgover and a stump that I like.  The purpley plant is an oxalis.  The leaves will always be that really pretty purple and the flowers are a very light lilacey color.  To the right is a lovely huchera that I ended up planting in the backyard.  Behind it is a hardy begonia.  Yeah, is that cool or what?  Hardy begonia?  I had no idea.  The lawn here is more of a collection of moss and stuff because of the deep shade up here.

Lastly, my calla lillies.  I planted these about 22 years ago, they have continued to grow even though they are supposed to be tropical and die in this zone.  Yeah, whatever.  I love them.

Have a happy flowery day!

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4 Responses to You Can Call Me Flower If You Want To….

  1. Dana says:

    Wow! I love east coast yards – no block walls separating yards, just thickets of shrubs and trees and lush green stuff giving you privacy yet always great to look at….moss roses – yay.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    They do make you feel wealthy even without the wealth. Especially our back yard. We are lucky and back onto a huge park that has a wetlands easement and train tracks beyond. None of that space can be developed so it’s like our yard just continues on and on. Best of all, we don’t have to mow beyond the shrub border.

  3. emm says:

    When can I come move in ??
    it is SOOOOOOOO beautiful there- it reflects your beauty and generous heart so well.

  4. vivianlouise says:

    Emmy, you are so kind. When ever you want, you can move in.

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