Spring vs Summer

Earlier this year I posted a picture of my patio in mid-spring, this morning I took a photo from the same angle. Below is the picture from the spring:

I love the light, it’s an afternoon shot on a cool day. I love the way everything is so intensely green but immature. You can see the half moon bed at the back is full of daffodils.

Below is a picture from this morning, more late morning. See the lavender? The light is so completely different, not just because of the time of day, it’s the season.

I love how the park disappears in the summer only to reappear in the winter. The orange day lillies in the half moon bed will take over the world some day, I think. You can still see the seed pods on the iris stalks. They are so interesting to look at so I don’t cut them down. More pictures later.

It’s cool how bright the patio still is, isn’t it. Blindingly white. Like some people’s chicken legs after a long winter.

Ooops. Did I say that out loud?

Sorry.  Below is a side by side.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Wow. That’s some serious foliage!

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