DC Gun Ban

YAY! The highly restrictive gun ban in the District of Columbia has been lifted. Fantastic. Really. Having lived just outside of DC I’ve had a seat with a view to the “Murder Capital” of the nation.

This morning I heard Eleanor Holmes Norton saying that life would get more violent because criminals are better shots than legal gun owners and more people would die. I hate to be the one to tell you, dearie, criminals haven’t refrained from killing someone because they are NOT armed. They may, however, think twice about assaulting someone packing. And to be honest, the responsible gun owners I know spend time at the range, think through gun safety and don’t normally bring their weapons along on a trip to Burger King. (Unless they have a concealed carry permit, which is another subject.)

The squeals I hear about guns being easier to get are fallacious and ridiculous. There is no dearth of illegal guns in the District because the criminals, law breakers, break the law to obtain them. And will continue to do so. Law abiders will obtain their weapons legally, get legal training in their firearm and store them legally. Some won’t, but then legal drivers using legally purchased cars sometimes drive drunk and kill people.

More importantly, SCOTUS put the constitution above an unconstitutional law, good prevailed.  It is a bit worrisome how narrow the decision was, that it was 5 to 4.

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One Response to DC Gun Ban

  1. Dana says:

    One almost gets the feeling that there are naysayers so disappointed in the Supreme Court decision that they *actually* hope violence will run amok so their point can be proven.

    Its still mind-boggling that people actually believe that gun control makes a difference with criminals. Oy.

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