Fear Mongers

I don’t even know how to begin this post, except to say “Oh. My. Lanta!” I can hardly believe the headline I saw yesterday, “ABCNEWS Asks: Are we living in the last century of our civilization?” As I read the story I quickly saw that this was a work of fear mongering at it’s worst. Not surprising as ABC is an entertainment company and not a group of scientists.

This story is an example of the application of questionable science by minds clouded by religion. Yes, religion. Man made global warming has become a religion. Anything that stands in the way of fulfilling the prophecies, directives and goals is willingly sacrificed to see the earth worshiped properly. You don’t believe me? Go buy a gallon of gas. The cost of a gallon is now about $4.25, for no flipping reason. And no, it isn’t because the gas companies are greedy. It’s partly because the market has driven the cost per barrel so high, speculators wreaking havoc. But notice what else is in your gas, ethanol. It’s there by order of the government. It shouldn’t be. Ethanol is corn, the edible stuff, turned into fuel. Did you notice that the cost of corn has skyrocketed? And that every other foodstuff has also become more costly? That’s because we are burning our food instead of eating it. That makes no sense.

I do not believe that anthropogenic global warming is real. At all. I do not believe it because the science just isn’t there and because the climate of the earth changes regularly. It has done so since the foundation of the earth. It always has and it always will, with or without us. I am not alone.

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel sees things the way I do, as do many, many others. The sun is the source of much of the earth’s energy and heat, sunspots intensify that. Lately, the sun has been quiet. Really quiet. Back during the little ice age there was a 50 year period of low to no sunspot activity called the Maunder Minimum.

In the midwest are floods, tornadoes and destruction. I have heard the floods called 300 year floods, meaning this kind of flood only happens every three hundred years. So really, it’s not unprecedented, just unusual. Just follow the logic, if this sort of flooding happens every 300 years or so, that means that it’s got a cycle, a regular cycle, just a rather longer one that we humans tend to see because we don’t see 300 year floods everyday. (Thank God)

Do a search on “…caused by Global Warming…”, you will find everything from cyclones to shark attacks. Come on, people. That’s just crazy talk.

Here is how I see it, the climate changes regularly in long cycles that often span several lifetimes of men. Before you go blaming hurricanes and floods on global warming, go get some perspective. Nearly everything has happened before, and will happen again. We don’t need to toss virgins into the volcano to stop something that isn’t happening in the first place.

The 600 Things Blamed on Global Warming – This is a fabulously funny list of ridiculousness.

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One Response to Fear Mongers

  1. Nancy says:

    We don’t need to toss virgins into the volcano to stop something that isn’t happening in the first place.

    How about a few Hollywood skanks? I think we should at least try.

    Seriously, I’m somewhat agnostic on GW. It may be happening, but do know if it’s entirely or partly cyclical?

    People began substituting politics for religion somewhere in the late 60’s/early 70’s. GW in large part is just another distraction to look to when you won’t look to yourself.

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