My Yard at Dawn – Part Three

These roses smell heavenly, their scent floats through the yard dreamily. You can actually follow it to the source.

At the garden gate they beckon you to enter. Just don’t eat all my radishes.

These are on the other side of the gate, with the clematis.

These are the first of my grandmother’s roses. They also smell wonderful, but are more delicate. This weekend will see their full bloom. And hopefully the moss roses. Oh, the moss roses. I wish beyond anything I could give you a way to smell those flowers.

More clematis and roses. Looking at them I feel rich beyond imagining.

The full gate, on display. YAY for flowers.

There is some rule that you are supposed to prune clematis. I never have pruned this one, it’s never complained.

I love these little columbine, they are spreading through my yard volunteering themselves to bloom everywhere. I haven’t the heart to weed them out. Pretty much if a plant offers to be pretty in my yard, I’ll let it.

This is true geranium, or cranesbill. I love it. It blooms nearly all season, somewhat more slowly after the first riot.

Here is my pretty little ranunculus. I adore these flowers and have tried to grow them forever. This year three took and I am happy. Like a little greedy baby, I’m happy.

And some pretty rhododendrons, though I saw one that was a deep delicious red and now I’ve got envy, sinful evil envy.

Finally, here is my lavender becoming bloomy. YAY for bloomy lavender.

Okay, so not the last with the lavender. I really love this shot of a toy I played with when I was a child.

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  1. Tj says:

    i love flowers and these are beauties!

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