Dad’s 79th Birthday!

It was a few weeks ago, and while I’ve been meaning to post tons of witty observations and such, I’ve been hit with various things. Unfortunately bloging ended up on the bottom of my heap.)

 To understand something fundamental about my Dad is to watch Steven Segal’s “Under Seige” with him. He doesn’t watch it for the ‘plot’, the stars or the dialog. He watches that movie so he can see my iron sister, the USS Missouri. I have other iron sisters, the USS Iowa and USS New Jersey. Since I thought it would be way more fun to have an iron sister on the cake, here is what I got Jeff from the bakery to do for me:

Yup, that’s Dad with the way so cool Battleshiped cake.

Here is a close up:

Happy Birthday, DAD!!!!

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2 Responses to Dad’s 79th Birthday!

  1. Emm says:

    Angel- Can we get together next year for Dad’s birthday and have Charm City make him a cake OF the Missouri? I’ll save up and go in with you.

    PS. He is a handsome dad- I see why you are so beautiful my sister.

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