Valentine’s Haikus

My dear friend, HRH Queen Margueritte, writes haikus.  In honor of St. Valentines Day (Singles Awareness Day), I’ve asked her to contribute some lovely and heartfelt Valentines Haikus.  You can thank me for sharing her wit later.

Day of love and joy
Not for me, I cry all day
Where are my tissues
Dare I dream of love
No boyfriend now or ever
Must stop smoking crack
Hallmark, hallmark, yuck!
You make many women cry
Where is my rifle
Stop feeding me lies
I am beautiful and loved…
Only by parents
Eat chocolate now
Eat chocolate tomorrow
Squeeze into pants soon
Where is my sweetheart
He is off picking his nose
I hope it tastes good
Flowers not for me
No candy for me either
Will steal my colleague’s
I see mailman with
Flowers and candy for her
Will sic dog on him
I am not so sad
God loves me more than boyfriend
He will never leave
Roses and chocolate
Bling-bling and romance
Need more opium
*HRH Queen Margueritte’s name has been changed.
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