Gearing Up for Bejing

Gearing up for the Olympics, my favorite sporting event, has been more than interesting to watch.  Spielberg has now announced that he will not be involved because of the Chinese government’s refusal to do anything to end the genocide in Darfur is interesting.  Very interesting, and a good thing.

Unsurprisingly, China is cracking down on dissent before the world really focuses on them.  Am I shocked?  No, and neither should you be.  The bamboo curtain remains firmly in place.  Though they have embraced a form of capitalism, don’t be fooled, they are still a one party communist state.  I hope no one has forgotten what that means.  There is no freedom of speech in China, don’t be fooled.  American’s take it for granted that they are allowed to say whatever they want.  We are able to openly criticize our government, leaders and way of life.  Short of libel, we are free to say whatever we want, devoid of fact or not.  That is not true in most other countries, lest of all in a place like China.

The Chinese government is now trying to force participants from other countries to refrain from critcizing China’s human rights record, environmental practices, occupation of Tibet and anything else.  Britain has bowed down to China’s demands:

From the moment they sign up, the competitors – likely to include the Queen’s granddaughter Zara Phillips and world record holder Paula Radcliffe – will be effectively gagged from commenting on China’s politics, human rights abuses or illegal occupation of Tibet. (from the Daily Mail.)

It is currently the vogue to mock anyone who opposes communism.  My brother mocks me when I voice concern and distaste over the communist practices in places like Venezuela, Cuba and China.  Yet, I remain steadfastly opposed to communism.  The restriction of liberty, personal freedom, intellectual thought and religious freedom is reprehensible and deleterious to the human spirit.  Everywhere communism holds sway, death follows close.  Thousands upon thousands died under the Soviets, in Cambodia’s Killing Fields, in Vietnam, in China’s Cultural Revolution and Great Leap forward, in the execution chambers of Che and Castro, on the streets of Venezuela and under the terror of the Shining Path in Peru.

Will I watch the Olympics?  I don’t know.

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